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All of a sudden we’re all having to use several video conferencing (VC) solutions to communicate and collaborate with each other, whether that’s to keep projects moving or to stay sane by ‘face-to-face’ conversations. If you’re new to video conferencing or have been conducting meetings in this way for years, we want to share some simple tips that will ensure you and other participants have the best online meeting experience. 

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Without business travel, is smart video conferencing filling the gap?

With International business travel now almost impossible, how can smarter and more sophisticated video conferencing technology fill the gap?

Our globalised world has been brought to a crashing halt by coronavirus. Over 90% of the world’s population live in countries with coronavirus-related travel restrictions on people arriving from abroad. The number of flights globally is down well over 80%, and with countries still focused on staving off a second wave of infections, there is little appetite for a rapid reopening of international travel.

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What does returning back to the office look like post-Covid-19?

When lockdown was announced on March 23rd, a shocked and anxious UK workforce packed up their desks, vacated their offices and almost overnight had to overcome the practical and technological barriers of video conferencing and embrace it as a normal and essential part of their new working day at home.

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Zoom Best Practice

Many of us are currently enjoying the benefits of using Zoom but we also need to ensure we’ve taken a few simple steps to ensure we’re working in a way that keeps our conversations and content secure. Below are some very basic steps that we take to improve the security across your Zoom meetings. We recommend that you always liaise with your organisation’s Zoom champion/Zoom administrator for guidance when securing your meetings. 


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How AVMI ensure the benefits of your UC solution are realised

Throughout this series of blogs we have talked about some of the considerations that need to be made when choosing a new Unified Communications solution. What we haven’t yet discussed is how your new solution is adopted by the people who will be using it.

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